At Transition Dog Training we know how much joy dogs bring to our lives but that certain behavioral challenges can also prevent you from living life to the fullest with your dogs. A gap in communication is most often the root of these behavioral challenges. Whether you are currently struggling with behavioral challenges or want to prevent any from arising, our goal is to guide you to a place where that gap is filled leaving both you and your dog more confident, happy, and ready to take on the world together.

We work with all breeds, ages and problematic behaviors. With over a decade of experience, we can help you resolve problems like jumping, running away, separation anxiety, reactivity, hyperactivity, and more. Our training isn’t just about teaching the basic commands, our goal is help you get to a point where life with your dog feels harmonious.

Serving all of West Michigan

Home Based Facility

Our home based facility is conveniently located in-between Grand Rapids and Grand Haven on five acres in Allendale MI. All the comforts of home and the safety of a dog training facility. During your dogs stay with us they will not only be learning new skills but putting them to use daily in a home environment all while having fun.

Real World Training

During our Board and Train programs all dogs get to put their new skills to use in real world situations. We take field trips to walking trails, local pet friendly stores and other real world environments. Our lesson programs include lessons at these same places so we can be there to guide you and your dog in the environments that may have been a struggle for you in the past.

Individualized Training Plans

We know every dog and owner have different needs and lifestyles. That is why we create individualized training plans for every owner and dog. We take a limited number of dogs every month so that we can provide you with the personal and detailed training experience you and your dog deserve. 

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