• Dog Obedience Training

    Improve your dog’s behavior with dog obedience training.

    Sharing our lives with dogs comes with many joys but without proper dog obedience training, many dogs and owners find themselves struggling to communicate with each other. Lack of communication between owners and their dogs can lead to some tiresome and troubling habits. Our dog obedience training is designed to bridge the gap in communication by using techniques to help prevent or solve behavioral problems in dogs.

    Clear Communication Results in Positive Responses

    How does clear communication and basic obedience dog training help solve reactivity, hyperactivity, aggression, or just overall unruliness in dogs? More often than not, the reactions you are seeing over and over again from your dog are coping skills they have developed due to fear, over-excitement, confusion, or frustration. By working with our certified dog obedience trainer you will learn how to teach your dog alternate behaviors to create new, positive reactions.

    Dog obedience training teaches dogs alternative behaviors.
    By training your dog these techniques, you help them to:

    • Create new coping skills
    • Change the way they view the world
    • Fundamentally improve the quality of your life and theirs!

    Our goal is to help you create a strong and healthy relationship with your dog. All of our dog obedience training programs are designed with an emphasis on teaching skills to both you and your dog.

    Details About Dog Training Program Options

    Happy Pitbull dog at the beach in an off-leash board and train obedience class.

    Board and Train

    Dog Obedience Training Program Options

    • 2-week Board and Train
    • 3- to 4-week Board and Train
    Malinois dog bowing in the snow, poised to pounch in a one-on-one private dog obedience training lesson.

    Customized One on One Lessons

    Dog Obedience Training Programs

    • On-Leash Package
    • Off-Leash Package
    • In-Home or at our facility

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